Kaiser Brew Garden

Birthday Bot

The Client.

An award-winning brew garden set atop Christchurch’s popular Riverside Marketcraft beers inspired by a centuries-old Bavarian family recipe brewed in Christchurch the Kiwi way. Opened in November 2019, featuring a micro-brewery and all-weather outdoor garden bar.

The Objective.

  • Kaiser Brew Garden wanted to build a messenger database and generate sales.
  • We wanted to build the association of Kaiser being an awesome place to celebrate and get new people in the door that might not have visited Kaiser before.
  • This strategy was designed early on in Kaiser’s opening, therefore awareness was important – but most importantly we wanted to be able to track and measure sales
  • We saw the challenge of measuring ROAS of ad spend vs dollars spent in the bar as their system doesn’t connect with other software. 
  • However we found a way to track the time when people redeemed it, and the Kaiser Brew Garden then entered the spend into the live sheet.

The Solution.

We built a birthday bot that targets people in the month of their birthday, with an ad in their mobile newsfeed offering them a free pizza. We selected certain ages, demographics and areas in town we want to target within a certain radius of the restaurant. When people opted in for the free birthday pizza we were able to collect their names and email and add this to our database, plus we were able to track the opt-in %, the redemption % and the amount of money people spend on top of the free pizza.







The Results.

Kaiser Brew Garden now has a messenger database of 7592 people that we can market to with offers and events. They have also generated a positive ROAS every month on their ad spend, and due to the fantastic service at Kaiser, their team have managed to upsell people who have opted in for a free pizza to spending an average of $57.54

Client Testimonial

Olivia and the team at Digital Influence have turned our online presence into something we never imagined. With no job being too big or small they work around the clock to make sure it gets done! I look forward to our monthly marketing review and planning sessions as they really do take the time to inform you on what they have achieved and ensure they put it into terms we can all understand. Over the time we have worked together, Digital Influence and Kaiser Brew Garden have formed such a strong relationship-  they are seriously part of the team and also, a huge reason for the success we have had.
I could not recommend them enough!

  —  Mason Lattimore, Kaiser Brew Garden