Life In The Fast Lane with
Kane Lawson from My New Start

Snapshot from Life In The Fast Lane

Life In The Fast Lane with Kane Lawson

At age 10, Kane Lawson started his first job. Fast forward 20 years later, he was the Managing Director of the busiest Wheel & Tyre Shop in New Zealand and Australia.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this fast-paced episode.

* What Kane learned from his Dad laid the platform for his successful working career.

* Cold calling lessons from a 13-year-old – the best takeaway I’ve ever heard about getting over your fear of cold calling.

* The best way any person can stand out to people who own a business.

* Kane’s Customer Service Rule – this one rule helped build a wheel and tyre business empire!

* Why your business is nothing without marketing.

* Smart people learn from smart people – the quickest way to get ahead of competitors.

* The real business benefit of staying focused and how it can change your life.

* Money, customer service, and paying bills – Kane’s insight from dealing very some very successful business owners.

And so much more…

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Have fun and enjoy listening, learning, and taking action from this podcast! 

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