Making Millions From Clean Sheet Selling

Making Millions From Clean Sheet Selling

In this enlightening episode of the Marketing 4 Business Podcast, Scott sits down with the inspiring entrepreneur, Nick Burns. Nick shares his story, highlighting how he converted his operational expertise into a lucrative business. We delve into the concept of ‘Clean Sheet Selling’ and explore how it skyrocketed Nick’s company to international fame.

Here’s what you can look forward to in this Marketing 4 Business Podcast episode:

Switching from Numbers to People: Understanding the value of interpersonal skills in business and sales, and learning to embrace the human aspect.

The Birth of Emendo: The chance beach encounter that led to the creation of a business and the division of responsibilities among the founders.

Mastering Clean Sheet Selling: Discover how active listening and building internal support can drive your business growth.

Branching Out Internationally: Using success stories from clients to break into new markets and establish credibility.

Investment Tips and Financial Smarts: Balancing family, friends, and finance in the startup world, and strategies for sustained success.

Ongoing Personal Development: Cultivating daily habits for improved learning and productivity, and how influential literature can shape your mindset.

Nick’s story underscores the power of ‘Clean Sheet Selling’ in driving business success. His strategies can help entrepreneurs stimulate growth, build strong networks, and make smart investments. Whether you’re starting up or already running a business, this episode provides valuable insights for overcoming challenges with confidence and resilience.

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