Steal This Marketing Treasure Map

Snapshot from Steal This Marketing Treasure Map

Steal This Marketing Treasure Map

In this episode, Scott shares a marketing map you can use to stay focused and grow your business over time.

Here’s a snapshot of what you will discover in Steal This Marketing Treasure Map

* The Marketing Treasure Map – one piece of advice that a mentor shared with Scott that led him into the world of direct response marketing.

* 30,000ft Marketing Vision – how to break down your business’s 3-year marketing vision and clarify what you want.

* Purpose & Core Values – how adding these to your marketing map can help you and your team stay focused and excited about the years ahead.

* 20,000ft Marketing Goals –  Scott shares how to use this section of the map to dial in the results you want to achieve in the next 12 months.

* 10,000ft Marketing Projects – this is all about momentum and moving the needle forward monthly to generate marketing momentum. 

* The Marketing Runway – what you need to do weekly to move your marketing and business forward.

*  The Long Term Marketing Mindset – the marketing mindset formula Scott shares that all his most successful clients have and use. Model & Copy this mindset formula 😉 for your own business.

* The 3 F’s of A Tough Market – Scott shares the 3 F’s that most businesses come across when economic times get tough. Listen to this, so you don’t become the two of the three f’s.  And so much more…

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