Unwrapping Success: A Guide to The 12 Days of Christmas Social Media Strategy

As we gear up for the festive season, businesses are seeking impactful ways to leave a lasting impression on their audience. A standout strategy that has become a cherished tradition among brands is the “12 Days of Christmas” social media strategy. This isn’t just about building excitement—it’s a strategy that fosters engagement and cultivates customer loyalty. In this blog post, let’s delve into the core components of the 12 Days of Christmas strategy and uncover how your brand can harness its potential for a holiday season filled with success.

12 Days of Christmas

What is the '12 Days of Christmas Social Media Strategy':

The ’12 Days of Christmas’ social media strategy is a festive and engaging approach, providing brands with a unique opportunity to connect with their audience during the holiday season. Commencing twelve days before Christmas, each day brings forth a special surprise or exclusive offer, creating a buzz of excitement and anticipation among followers. From exclusive discounts and giveaways to interactive challenges and user-generated content, this strategy becomes a canvas for brands to showcase their offerings, strengthen relationships with customers, and elevate overall engagement. Picture it as an online advent calendar, where each day reveals a captivating deal or piece of content.

Check out an example below of the festive content we’ve crafted for our client, Trade Staff Workwear! Dive into their ’12 Days of Christmas’ campaign featuring daily giveaways, exclusive discounts, complimentary accessories, and free shipping. The primary objective of creating this ’12 Days of Christmas’ content for Trade Staff Workwear is to drive engagement, foster brand loyalty, and boost sales during the festive season.

Trade Staff - 12 Days of Christmas

Core Components of a Successful '12 Days of Christmas Campaign':

Create a Buzz with Teasers

Start by generating excitement around your upcoming 12 Days of Christmas campaign. Teasers can include countdown posts, sneak peeks, and hints at the incredible offerings your audience can expect. Building anticipation early on sets the stage for increased engagement when the campaign kicks off. Ensure that your visuals are captivating, aligning with the festive theme of the campaign, and that your copy is crafted to spark curiosity and excitement.

Align with your Brand Values

Use the 12 Days of Christmas to showcase your brand’s personality and values. Whether it’s through charitable initiatives, eco-friendly practices, or heartwarming stories, aligning your campaign with your brand’s core values creates a more meaningful connection with your audience.

Diversify Content Types

Keep your audience engaged by diversifying the types of content you share. Incorporate a mix of images, videos, polls, and interactive content to cater to different preferences within your audience. This variety ensures your campaign remains visually appealing and dynamic.

Promote on Multiple Platforms

Ensure your 12 Days of Christmas campaign is accessible across multiple social media platforms. Tailor your content to suit the unique features of each platform while maintaining a cohesive theme. Cross-platform promotion maximises your campaign’s reach and impact.

Showcase your Product/Service Offerings

Infuse the holiday spirit into your campaign by positioning your products or services as thoughtful and unique gift ideas. Create content that highlights how your offerings can make ideal presents for friends, family, or colleagues. Craft engaging visuals, such as festive gift guides or product bundles, to inspire your audience and simplify their holiday shopping. This approach not only boosts sales but also positions your brand as a go-to destination for meaningful and curated gifts during the festive season.

Offer Exclusive Discounts and Offers

One of the most effective ways to drive sales during the holiday season is by offering exclusive discounts and promotions. Each day of the campaign can unveil a new offer, encouraging daily check-ins from your audience and creating a sense of urgency around your products or services. As you design your exclusive offers, consider tailoring them to the holiday season. Whether it’s a festive discount on holiday-themed items, a complimentary holiday-themed accessory with a purchase, or even a holiday-themed loyalty program, the goal is to infuse the spirit of the season into your promotions.

Host Contests and Giveaways

Boost engagement by incorporating daily contests or giveaways into your 12 Days of Christmas strategy. Contests and giveaways provide an interactive and festive way to connect with your audience, fostering a sense of community and enthusiasm. Encourage participation through likes, shares, comments, or the use of a dedicated hashtag to amplify your brand’s reach and visibility on social media platforms. Each form of engagement not only enters participants into the daily contest but also amplifies your brand’s reach and visibility across social media platforms.


The 12 Days of Christmas strategy is a great tool for businesses seeking to connect, engage, and spread holiday cheer. By weaving anticipation, engagement tactics, and exclusive offerings into your campaign, this festive tradition can transform into a memorable and effective social media journey. As you shape your digital marketing strategy for the upcoming holidays, consider the potential of the 12 Days of Christmas to elevate your brand’s online presence. 

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