How Person Schema Can Benefit Your Site and Team Pages.

Improving search visibility with Person Schema on your website.

Why you should use Person Schema on your website?

A typical Person Schema is a type of structured data used to describe a person’s profile or biography. It includes information like the person’s name, image, job title, workplace, contact details, and other related details.

How does adding Person Schema benefit your website?

Adding Person Schema to your website can benefit it in multiple ways. Firstly, it provides search engines with detailed, authoritative information about the person or people in your business. 

This helps search engines to better understand and index the content on your website. It also helps improve the visibility of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs). Additionally, Person Schema can be used to generate rich “author profiles”, which can help drive more clicks and conversions when featured in SERPs or through other mentions.

What Google sees:

Person Schema - What Google Sees

What we see:

Person Schema - What We See

What industries would benefit from adding Person Schema to their team pages?

Person Schema can be beneficial for any industry with employees and team pages. For example, it can be used by companies in the technology, healthcare, education, media, and entertainment industries to describe the team running their business.

It can also be used by nonprofit organizations and charities to list their committee members, board members, and other important members of staff. Furthermore, Person Schema can be used by firms in the law, finance, management, and consultancy industries to provide detailed profiles for their attorneys, advisors, and consultants.

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Final Tip:

Keep in mind that negative keywords can have a big impact on your campaign’s performance, so use them carefully and monitor the results closely. Digital Influence knows Google Ads that’s why we are a Google Partner.

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