The Game Changer - Leveraging
AI Technology with Chris Tacon

Snapshot from The Game Changer

Chris Tacon is the CEO & founder of Consignly.

Consignly is the next generation of 3PL software created by logistics professionals and experienced developers.

In this podcast, Chris & Scott talk about business success, business failures, working with high-paid employees, and how businesses can leverage AI Technology.

Here’s a snapshot of what you will discover in The Game Changer:

* Early Computer-Age Opportunities – what opportunities Chris saw in 1996 that allowed him to start his first business.

* The Power of Mentors – how Mentors helped Chris get started in business and why he likes giving back to younger business owners today.

* AI & The Untapped Opportunities – how AI technology is driving opportunities that were never looked at before because of the complexity of transport distribution.

* GTP3 Technology Tools – Chris shares an insightful and gives practical examples of how AI tools can help business owners now and in the future. Every business owner must listen to this.

* Joining The Chamber of Commerce – how joining the chamber of commerce led to Chris finding his first employee ‘Nick’. Fast forward 25 years, and they are now business partners in a fast-growing tech company.

* Built It They Will Come – the biggest mistakes Chris and his team made early on that he sees many businesses making today when creating software.

* Learning from your Mistakes – the questions Chris and Nick asked themselves when they made mistakes so they learn from them so they could get better every day.

* Computer Virus to Working in Hong Kong – how fixing a computer virus for his Dad’s mate led to working in Hong Kong 2 weeks later and coming home with a suitcase full of cash.

* Working With Artists – Chris’s unique approach to hiring and managing employees or artists, as he refers to them. You should listen to this unique way of thinking if you have high-paid employees.

* Saas Product GoRoster – a software idea that solved a Hospitality client’s problem around staff rostering that quickly became a sought-after product in the industry.

* They were learning from Customers – how Chris used an online survey to ask his customers to get better information about their buying habits and rostering pain points.

* Full Circle Learnings – how Chris has used his learnings from GoRoster to springboard the growth of his new tech venture Consignly. Great learnings here!

And so much more 😉

Have fun, and enjoy listening and learning from this fantastic business podcast.

Scott Wilson

P.S. Connect with Chris Tacon here on LinkedIn