Heresto Taking Risks
with Fraser Mackenzie

Snapshot from Heresto Taking Risks

In Year 12 at School, Fraser Mackenzie decided it was time to get ahead, so he took a risk, left School and started working as an apprentice electrician.

Fast forward six years and he is now growing one of New Zealand’s fast-growing Vodka brands Heresto Vodka.

Here’s a snapshot of what you will discover in Heresto Taking Risks:

* People skills – how Fraser used his people skills to meet millionaires and billionaires.

* The Covid Vacation – what Fraser did specifically during the lockdowns to better his mindset and skills.

* Big Picture Opportunities – how Fraser trained himself to look for more significant opportunities and the mindset he had to make it happen.

* The Ashburton Garage Project – how a little project started in a garage in Ashburton s is fast becoming NZ Fastest selling vodka brand.

* Learn, learn, learn, then implement – how Fraser took what he learnt about Vodka being the highest gross spirit in the world and started building a business.

* Taking Risks – one thing Fraser learnt from a friend in the USA who employs over 600 people.

* Audio Book Obsession – the one audiobook Fraser listens to again and again. It’s been a game changer for his Daily Ritual and what Fraser does daily to move his life and business forward.

* Kill Them With Kindness – how Fraser adopted a kindness-first mindset with everyone he meets and its helped him sell a lot of Heresto Vodka.

* Heresto Charity – the thinking behind why Heresto Vodka gives back to charity and the fantastic way it engages customers to vote on who to donate to.

* The 1st Sales Day – what Fraser learnt from selling 48 bottles of Heresto Vodka on his first day out selling in Ashburton.

* The Uncomfortable Mindset – how you can create success by being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

And so much more 😉

Have fun, and enjoy listening and learning from this fantastic business podcast.

Scott Wilson

P.S. Check out Heresto Vodka online at their Heresto Vodka