12 Rules of Marketing Your Business In A Recession - Part One

Snapshot from 12 Rules of Marketing Your Business In A Recession

12 Rules of Marketing Your Business In A Recession – Part One

 In this episode, Marketing Expert Scott Wilson gives you his first six rules of the 12 rules for marketing your business in a recession.

 Grab a pen and paper because Scott gives these six rules in a checklist form so you can learn and take action to ensure your business thrives in a recession. 

Here’s a snapshot of what’s in this Marketing 4 Business podcast episode:

 Rule No 1: The Warren Buffet Mindset – the common mindset all Scott’s Private Partner clients have and why you should model it during a recession.

 The Business Killer – the one thing you shouldn’t stop doing in a recession.

 GFC Insights – the three business-building insights Scott learnt from running a marketing business and helping other companies to grow during the GFC in 2009.

 Rule No.2: Be Seen… Become Known – you may not want to hear this advice, but if you have thick skin and want to win, do yourself a favour and listen to Scott’s insights.

 The Shoe Dog Factor – one thing Scott learned from Phil Knight that will help you think completely differently about your product.

 Turnaround Kings – marketing failing? Listen as Scott shears from real-life examples how to reset and turn around your marketing quickly. If you have a good product, you so listen to this today.

 Rule No 3: Customer Facing Sales & Marketing Audit – Scott shares a real-life example of why he grabbed his customer’s credit and started trying to buy stuff.

 The Sales Prevention Department – is your business running a sales prevention department? Tune in to discover if you are missing sales.

 16+ Business Sales Killers – Scott shares 16+ things you need to audit in your business from a sales and marketing perspective. This is gold and will make you more sales in a recession.

 Rule 4: Market Message Awareness – how to connect with your customers so they understand and see your empathy towards their financial concerns during a recession.

 The Marketing Magicians – the strategic reason Scott started a marketing mastermind in the GFC and how it can help you grow your business.

 Solve Their Problems First – how to communicate your product or service so the customer sees real value and wants to buy from you, not your competitors.

 Rule 5: Offer Value and Incentives – how to create compelling offers, promotions, and incentives to motivate customers to buy during a recession.

 Know Your Numbers – the five numbers you want to know when marketing your business in a recession.

 Rule 6: You MUST use video – it’s real video killed the radio star, and don’t let this recession kill your business, use video!

 The Famous Five – the five videos you must make to market your business during this recession. Most want to do this, which means you win by default.

 The Only 3-Step Video Script – the best 3-step video marketing script to all his Private Partner clients. My advice is to learn it and then do it!

And so much more…

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